Organization of Corporations

Organization of corporations

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This is a service for the creation of the required legal structures for the appropriate incorporation of companies either constituted by one or more persons, for such effect we are in capacity to provide support regarding guidance and handling of the paper work and formalities as may be necessary to carry out such incorporation.

Some advantages of Corporations:

  1. The purpose of the Society (which is going to spend) is large, the law allows the company to engage in any lawful business but is not similar to any of the items specified in the Covenant or the Social Reform.
  2. The business can be conducted in Panama or elsewhere in the world.
  3. The Panamanian law does not require a certain number of shareholders as a single person, can own all the shares and therefore the Company. The owner of the company may have a broad Power of Attorney, which allows you to perform any activities on behalf of the Company.
  4. The Panamanian law does not require any minimum capital is limited only to require interested parties to indicate the total value of share capital, number and value of shares that is divided and whether the Company to issue shares without nominal value.
  5. The Company can be constituted after the paid-up capital. Consequently the Company may act without the disbursement of funds until such time as these funds are necessary.
  6. The Directors and chiefs of the Panamanian Society need not be, can be of any nationality and reside in any country.
  7. The Board, in accordance with the Act, shall be composed of at least three members, without looking, however, the ceiling.
  8. Meetings of the Board of a Panamanian company, can take place anywhere in the world.
  9. Companies only pay income tax in Panama, by income from gainful activities taking place in national territory.
  10. The Government of Panama paid U.S. $ 300.00 U.S. dollars as the sole duty of the Companies Registration, payable annually within three months following the expiration of the annuity. This is the only tax Panamanian companies engaged outside national territory and must be paid annually for the Company shall not be considered delinquent and the Republic of Panama, and so on.
  11. When used as “Holding” Companies “Holding” are commonly in Panama are exempt from paying taxes because its activities are limited to dividends from shares in other companies.