Investing in Panama

Investing in Panama

What make Panama so attractive?

ciudadPanama bases its economy on services, it is because of such reason that it is renowned as a top level Multimodal Transportation Center, where you are able to manage and develop commercial activities (to export your products) from your country through Panama, because its modern internal legislation and its taxation system so permits. Precisely, it is one of its laws, the tax law based on the territoriality principle, which provides real benefits to exporter and investors. That’s why investing in Panama is ideal.

Strategic advantages of Panama:


  • Strategic geographic position ruled by a democratic government.
  • Stable taxation system structure. No taxes have ever being charged to any Income arising from outside sources, not even to resident or local citizens, Interests arising from local accounts are not taxable.
  • Laws that regulate corporations, foundations, trusts and other entities are liberal.
  • The entities are promptly organized and the incorporation costs and annual maintenance are lower than in many other jurisdictions.
  • The U.S. Dollar is the only legal tender and no exchange control exists.
  • It is an important international banking center.
  • The larger Free Zone of the Western Hemisphere operates in Panama.
  • Easy and prompt access to Internet, the new super freeway of computer science.
  • Facilities for electronic commerce.
  • The Republic of Panama does not have treaties on taxation matter with any country.


The outcome is:


  • To capitalize earnings abroad (Panama).
  • Likewise, capital accumulation is allowed (US$ Dollar) in an International Financial Center based on confidentiality, with the consequent opportunity to re-invest them free of any government controls.

Two cargo ships enter the Gatun Locks from the Gatun LakeIt is here where your company enjoys significant taxation advantages. By using Panama as operational base you will be able to enjoy all the advantages offered to expand its exports to all over the world.

In addition, the laws provide SIMPLE AND EXPEDITIOUS procedures and of LOW COST to develop and obtain sound benefits from productive and legal activities.

It is our commitment to offer you the best possible information so that you make a safe decision when performing your operations, increasing your exports and benefits.