Why Panama?

Why Panama?

Panama has a service economy with multiple tax advantages and incentives to certain productive activities.

Among the many advantages that Panama offers investors and exporters include:

  • The Registry of Industrial Property provides protection to their products and services from unauthorized use by third parties, and other fraudulent practices. The Health Registration is done in a short time allowing the rapid commercialization of its products.
  • In Panama governs the principle of territoriality, only tax the businesses that actually take place in Panama, outside the borders does not apply any tax, that is of enormous importance to the expansion of its export activity to any region.
  • Import tariffs in Panama many items have been reduced, providing more competition to their products.
  • Acquisition of U.S. $ dollar, the currency is legal tender in Panama, allowing transactions to be carried out with the motto.
  • Panama has an International Financial Centre, with over 80 banks globally recognized set, which provide all types of services you or your company can use, adding to this the “banking secrecy.”
  • The Colon Free Zone, the second global free zone, tax free.
  • Soon the Multimodal Transportation Center which integrates, rail, air, maritime and ports, streamlining the management of its load.

Another advantage is that Panama has its scheme of Corporations, internationally recognized legal instruments of great help to the foreign and domestic investors because of its extraordinary advantages which include:

  • Low cost and simplicity in processing the Constitution.
  • The Object of the company is large, a company may engage in any lawful business, from sales of any product to be financial institutions.
  • It does not take residence in Panama Panama or to form a corporation.
  • The Company can be formed without prior release of the Capital, no subscription required minimum capital.
  • Businesses can take place in Panama or anywhere in the world. As well as meetings of the Board may be conducted anywhere in the world.
  • If you wish to remain anonymous the Board issues a Power of Attorney that allows the company concerned manage without his name be entered in the Register.
  • The Company will only pay the income tax in Panama, the income from gainful activities carried out in territory outside the country do not cause tax (principle of territoriality).