Panama Law firm


The Republic of Panama is opening its gateways to exporters and foreign investors who are eager to enlarge their commercial operations in the international scope, offering them a complete infrastructure that ranges from its privileged geographic position to an extensive collection of laws aimed to encourage and protect their investment.

What make Panama so attractive?

Panama bases its economy on services, it is because of such reason that it is renowned as a top level Multimodal Transportation Center, where you are able to manage and develop commercial activities (to export your products) from your country through Panama, because its modern internal legislation and its taxation system so permits. Precisely, it is one of its laws, the tax law based on the territoriality principle, which provides real benefits to exporter and investors.

The outcome is:

  • To capitalize earnings abroad (Panama).
  • Likewise, capital accumulation is allowed (US$ Dollar) in an International Financial Center based on confidentiality, with the consequent opportunity to re-invest them free of any government controls.